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  • LEDtube 1200mm 16W 765 T8 AP I G


    Philips Ecofit LED Tube Light 4 feet & 2 feet (Pack of 20)



    Rated 0 out of 5Sale!₨9,900₨10,750 Select options


    Philips Meson Led Down Light



    Rated 0 out of 5Sale!₨575₨1,600 Select options

Philips LED lights come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Our lights use up to 80% less energy than conventional bulbs.  They provide a consistent quality of light over time and are long lasting.



Energy efficient

Longer lifetime and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources


Quality of light

Enjoy perfect light quality, instant on with no warm up time



Create the right atmosphere with dimmable LED lighting

Philips GreenPerform Panel RC160V
Philips Shellline 20W LED Wall light
Philips Slimline LED Wall Light
Philips Smart Bright Highbay G3 BY239P
SmartBright LED Batten G2 BN012C
Philips Essential Smartbright T8 Batten BN016C
Philips Essential SmartBright Slim LED Batten BN068C
Philips Essential Smartbright T5 Batten
Philips Essential Smartbright Wide Batten BN005C
Philips SmartBright Suspension Led Linear Light
Philips Essential SmartBright Spotlight Planter / Spike Light
Philips Projector ST031T Track Light
Philips Essential Smartbright Waterproof WT035C
Philips Smartbright Bulkhead WT045C
Philips SmartBright Waterproof G3 WT068
Philips Flood Light BVP151 SmartBright G2 LED Floodlight
Philips Flood Light BVP151 SmartBright G2 LED Floodlight
Philips Street Light BRP131 100w SmartBright Road
Philips Street Light Street Star 27w
Philips SmartBright Slim Panel G2 RCO91V
SmatBright LED Flood G2
Philips Led Panel RC091V 1X4
Philips 2×2 LED Panel Light RC048B
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59442- 5W 3″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59443- 7W 3″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59449 – 9W 4″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59464 – 13W 5″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59466 – 17W 6″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59469 – 21W 7″ Dia
Philips Meson LED Downlight 59471 – 24W 8″ Dia


Surface Mounted

Wall Mounted





Flood Lights


Tube Lights

Track Lights

Track Channels


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