Philips Flood Light BVP151 SmartBright G2 LED Floodlight

CCT: 3,000 K, 4,000 K and 5,700 K, Power: 100W, 150W and 150W, 100lm/w efficacy, 50-Khr life, IP65, CRI 80, IEC Compliant

SmartBright G2 LED Floodlight delivers high lumen efficacy, with long lifetime and reliable design. Asymmetric optical distribution improves light effect. The product is an ideal solution for most floodlight applications.

12 NCProduct Description
911401816180BVP151 LED100 CW PSU 100W AWB CE
911401816080BVP151 LED100 NW PSU 100W AWB CE
911401815980BVP151 LED100 WW PSU 100W AWB CE
911401816480BVP151 LED150 CW PSU 150W AWB CE
911401816380BVP151 LED150 NW PSU 150W AWB CE
911401816280BVP151 LED150 WW PSU 150W AWB CE
911401816780BVP151 LED200 CW PSU 200W AWB CE
911401816680BVP151 LED200 NW PSU 200W AWB CE
911401816580BVP151 LED200 WW PSU 200W AWB CE

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