August 2022

Philips GreenSpot Led Light

Philips GreenSpot GreenSpot family offers a choice of lamps or LED light sources as well as a variety of optics, accessories and color finishes. GreenSpot enables retailers to choose a lighting solution that meets their needs. Flexible, stylish and robust Multiple configuration options GreenSpot comes in various configurations making installation easy and as per requirement. […]

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Philips GreenLED Ultima Led Light

Philips GreenLED Ultima Green LED Ultima is a slim downlighter with high lumen efficacy of 100 lm/W. It displays true colors with its high color rendering index of 80 and has a long life of 40000 hours. Performance in slim design Slim aesthetic design Ultima adds aesthetics to the space with its slim lip design.

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Philips GreenPerform Led Light

Philips GreenPerform GreenPerform is an innovative lighting solution which offers a wide range of dimming options for workplaces. The product has options in all variants and all types of dimming solutions like Phase -Cut, Analog and DALI. It offers inherent benefits of LED products such as high energy saving of up to 50%* and up

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Philips GreenLedi Light

Philips GreenLEDi GreenLEDi range is a break through offering which combines modern product design, the latest LED technology and reliable heat management to deliver a long lasting efficient solution. Offering substantial energy savings compared to CFL/halogen, good light quality, complete stylistic freedom and significant maintenance savings, the product is an ideal value for money and

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Philips Cirrus Led Light

Philips Cirrus Cirrus is an office general lighting solution which offers excellent energy saving and maintenance-free operation. This luminaire has a slim design which is suitable for recessed mounted application for office spaces. Powered by a long-lasting LED light source and high efficiency optical system, this luminaire offers uniform and uninterrupted lighting. Efficient & Quality

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Philips Cirrus Mini Pro Surface Mounted Light

Philips Cirrus Mini Pro A square ceiling mounted LED luminaire suitable for replacing any 2x18W CFL and 2x26W conventional down light. This product comes in two options – 1100 lumens and 1600 lumens, covering a wide range of applications. Providing high energy savings (> 50%*) and up to 5 times more life compared to conventional luminaires,

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Philips GreenSquare Light

Philips GreenSquare GreenSquare provides an optimum visual environment for office work. It provides the right light levels to see printed, handwritten or on-screen documents clearly, without causing glare and fatigue. By providing uniform illumination and having no significant light depreciation over time, GreenSquare ensures enhanced productivity in your office for years together with a refreshing

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Philips Dayline Led Light

Philips Dayline Dayline is an efficient luminaire which saves up to 65%* energy as compared to 2 x PLL 36W luminaire. It ensures long, maintenance free life and comes with DALI dimming options. Dayline is a perfect combination of innovative design and efficient LED technology. Efficient lighting more savings High Energy Savings Dayline offers high

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Philips FullGlow Led Panel with EMC & EMI compliant drivers

Philips FullGlow FullGlow is a beautifully designed luminaire which is bound to delight the occupants with refreshing and comfortable experience through its pure form and glare-free light. It comes in two versions – standard and high efficiency. With up to 50%* energy savings and maintenance free operation, this prod- uct is an owner’s delight. Inspiring and

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Philips PowerBalance Light

Philips PowerBalance PowerBalance is Philips’ most energy-efficient office specification compliant LED luminaire. It more than halves energy costs compared to a high efficiency T5 solution, and the LED system has a longer lifetime. This results in significantly lower operational costs, ensuring a payback that meets the needs of the specification market. Best in Classvisual Comfort 

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