Philips GreenSpot Led Light

Philips GreenSpot
Philips GreenSpot

GreenSpot family offers a choice of lamps or LED light sources as well as a variety of optics, accessories and color finishes. GreenSpot enables retailers to choose a lighting solution that meets their needs.

Flexible, stylish and robust

Multiple configuration options

GreenSpot comes in various configurations making installation easy and as per requirement.

Suitable for accent general illumination

The luminaire serves multiple purpose, it can be used for both accent and general illumination.

Brighter ceiling for livelier spaces

It keeps the ceiling bright making the space look large and bright.

Key Features
    • Consistent Light Output
    • Long Life
    • CRI 80
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Stores
    • Corridor 
Philips GreenSpot

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