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Suspension Mounting Hardware LED Panel Suspension Kit , Adjustable Hanging Kits

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Suspension Mounting Hardware LED Panel Suspension Kit , Adjustable Hanging Kits This suspension kit for LED Linear light & other suspended fixtures.

allow us to hang panels 1 meter from the ceiling.

*This suspension kit can de adjusted up to 1 meters.


It is essential to check that the top ceiling fixings are strong enough to take the

weight of the items being displayed, while allowing for the tension in the cables.

Affix the ceiling attachment to ceiling:

– for wooden ceilings use a wood screw.

– for cavity ceilings use a spring toggle bolt.

– for solid ceilings use a rawl plug and screw.

The LED Panel suspension kit is easily fitted to a ceiling or underneath any horizontal surface, using the screw and plug kit provided (depending on the surface). You must ensure that the surface you are screwing into is capable of holding the weight of the item you are intending to hang. These various fittings and sets are also available as individual components – ideal for contractors such as builders, shopfitters, electricians, sign installation companies or acoustic ceiling installers.


1. Material Brass+Stainless Steel Wire
2. Size Same as the drawing
3. Cable Diameter and Length Ø1.2*1200mm
4. Finishing Color Nickel/Chrome
5. Application These adjustable sign hanger kits can also be used in art installations, in shop window displays as well as in industrial applications such as suspending safety signs.
6. Safe Working Load 30KG
7. Content 1 * Adjustable Ceiling Attachment, adjust the main cable length; 1 * Adjustable cable gripper with external thread, fixed to the application; 1* Stainless Steel wire;
8. Advantages 1. Fast and easy to suspend lighting fixtures during the installation; 2. Designed for the suspension of surface light fittings, suitable for use with a large range of commercial lighting; 3. No tools needed to adjust cable length, up or down,down or up – as often as you like; 4. Time-Saving:Allows quick installation and instant adjustment; 5. The finest way to suspend lighting fixtures available;

A good flexible suspension kit, with a simple and effective method of changing luminaire height and leveling. Our easy to use suspension kit systems allow for almost any luminaire design to be suspended quickly and easily, allowing for creative lighting designs to be achieved. The LED Panel suspension kit for use with many ultra slim LED panel lights allowing the panel to be hung from a ceiling. Ideal for situations when recessed mounting is not possible, or for an ultra modern appearance.

Weight .1 kg


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