Linear Led Light Square

The team Ennova brings to Pakistan innovative, cost effective “ENNOVA” LED lighting solutions. With a 25 years experience of lighting design and supply, team Ennova caters to all application areas with complete range offering and a comprehensive after sales service to its customers.

Ennova Sharp Downlight

Ennova Point Downlight

Ennova Elite Downlight

Ennova Chic Downlight

Ennova Glam Downlight

Ennova Xtend Max Panel

Ennova Coremax Tracklite

Ennova Coremini Tracklite

Ennova Max Flex Striplite

Ennova Eco Flex Striplite

Ennova Baseline Tublight

Ennova Smartline Linear

Ennova Eco Line Linear

Ennova Alpha Highbay

Ennova Eco bay Lowbay

Ennova Eco Flood Light

Ennova Waymax Street Light

Ennova WayEco Street Light

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