• Pierlite Phantom

    Phantom Led Spotlight – PIERLITE

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  • Pierlite Splinter Gen 2 Colour Select

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Pierlite Lighting’s offerings include products that leverage minimal power consumption and low maintenance factors to deliver superior lighting results that last well beyond conventional fluorescent or HID sources.



Pierlite Infinity Gen 2
Pierlite Luna Led Anti Glare
Pierlite Splinter Gen 2
Pierlite Splinter Gen 2 Colour Shift
Pierlite UFO Slim Downlight Round
Pierlite UFO Slim Downlight Square



Pierlite UFO Surface Downlight Round
Pierlite UFO Surface Downlight Square



Pierlite Litelux IP65
Pierlite Startburst Crystal Nova



Pierlite Phantom Led
Pierlite Cyclops Round Adjustable



Pierlite Cyclops Square Adjustable
Pierlite Titan Led Spot Light Adjustable



Pierlite Shark Led Spot Light Adjustable
Pierlux Pro Spot Light



Pierlite Vega Pro Spotlight
Pierlite Dark Downlight



Pierlite Grace Led Spot Light
Pierlite Quadro Led Spotlight



Pierlite Neo Led Pendant
Pierlite Venture Led Spot Light IP54



Pierlite Led panel Elite
Pierlite Led panel Elite

Pierlite Led panel Elite
Pierlite Led panel Elite
Pierlite Led Dual Panel
Pierlite Led Moon Panel


Pierlite Pierlux Eco Led Batten
Pierlite Lunar – 1 Led Track Light



Pierlite Lunar – 2 Led Track Light
Pierlite Track Master Led Track Light



Pierlite Flasher Led Track Light
Pierlite Continuous Linear Recessed Light



Austube Green Star-SQ Surface
Austube Green Star-SQ Recessed



Pierlite Austube Eco Surface
Pierlite Austube Eco Recessed



Pierlite Pierlux Eco Led Oyster


Pierlite Jewel


Pierlite Razio
Pierlite Stella Wall light



Pierlite Star Point Wall light
Pierlite Baggy Wall Light



Pierlite Line Wall light
Pierlite Bridge Wall light



Pierlite Azzuro Wall light
Pierlite Pavo Wall Light



Pierlite Discovery Wall Light
Pierlite Scott Wall Light



Pierlite Volcano Wall light
Pierlite Dynamic I Wall Light



Pierlite Dynamic II Wall Light
Pierlite Shade Wall Light



Pierlite Blade Wall Light
Pierlite Globe Outline Light



Pierlite Quad Outline Light
Pierlite Vapo Outline Light
Pierlite Grazer Inground Light
Pierlite Downtown Inground light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Radian Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Cielo Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Micro Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Small Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Midi Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Maxi Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Extreme Inground Light
Pierlite Hydrofloor Square Inground Light
Pierlite Lava Inground Light
Pierlite Sky Eco
Pierlite Luxor I
Pierlite Luxor II
Pierlite Vintage Spike Light
Pierlite Pixies
Pierlite Broadwave Wallwasher
Pierlite Fresco Wall Washer
Pierlite Raser Slim Step Light
Pierlite Raser Slim Step Light
Pierlite Beam Step Light
Pierlite Dawn Step light
Pierlite Blinker Step Light
Pierlite Minima Step light
Pierlite Exima Step Light
Pierlite Deck Light
Pierlite Downltown Bollard
Pierlite Triform Bollard
Pierlite Atlantis Bollard
Pierlite tokya Bollard Light
Pierlite Tower Bollard Light
Pierlite Shelter Bollard Light
Pierlite Linzi Bollard Light
Pierlite Zela Eco Bollard Light
Pierlite Ledge Underwater Light
Pierlite Salon underwater Light
Pierlite Tube underwater light
Pierlite Sub Underwater Light
Pierlite Eye Underwater light
Pierlite Element Underwater light
Pierlite Muse Underwater Light
Pierlite Harbor Underwater Light
Pierlite SPA Underwater Light
Pierlite Zenio Led Strip IP65
Pierlite Eleva Highbay
Pierlite Eleva Linear Highbay
Pierlite Eleva Eco Higbay
Pierlite Star Eco Highbay




























Atlantis / Tokyo
Tower / Shelter
Zela Eco
Ledge / Salon
Tube / Sub
Eye / Element
Muse / Harbor
Zenio LED Strip

Eleva Highbay / Eleva Linear
Eleva ECO Highbay / Star ECO Highbay
Star ECO X / G1 LED Canopy
Optimus ECO Linkable Linear
Turbo Highbay / BWPT/ECO
Hydralux 06A / Hydralux 06E
Vanda LED
T8 Tube Pro / T8 Tube Elite
T8 Tube Eco
Hippo LED / Maxi Master LED
Starflood Pro / Starflood Gen 2
Starflood Round / HiMast LED Flood

Roadmaster LED / Roadvan LED
Roadway LED / Road Light R-Series

Guardian LED / VR6600 IP65
Firefly2 LED / Firefly Gen-3
Path Finder
LED Exit PESA10 / Delta V1
Aqualock / Extreme LED 40M Jumbo
Stingray LED / LED Blade Exit
Vandal X IP65 Emergency / Arctic Extreme IP66

Classico Downlight / Alpha Color temp. Adjustable
Slim Downlight Round / Slim Downlight Squar
Round Surface Downlight / Square Surface Downlight
Round Surface COB / Nova Cob Downlight
ECO Downlight
Innova Surface/Recessed Spotlight
Revolta Track Light / Museo Track Light
LED Panel Supremo
Alba LED Batten / Tube T8 Glass Tube
Stella Flood Light / Thunder Highbay
Tornado Highbay

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