Philips Cirrus Mini Pro Surface Mounted Light

Philips Cirrus Mini Pro

A square ceiling mounted LED luminaire suitable for replacing any 2x18W CFL and 2x26W conventional down light. This product comes in two options – 1100 lumens and 1600 lumens, covering a wide range of applications. Providing high energy savings (> 50%*) and up to 5 times more life compared to conventional luminaires, Cirrus Mini offers better aesthetics, comes in two body colors and two color temperatures – NW/CW.

Efficient Light More Saving

Attarctive Payback Period

Effective replacement for conventional CFL luminaires results in significant saving and reduced operational costs.

Good Light Quality 

Highly efficient optical system ensures an effective low glare lighting.

Easy Installation 

Compact product which is easy to mount and install.

Key Features
    • Consistent light output
    • Long life
    • CRI=80

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