Philips PowerBalance Light

Philips PowerBalance
Philips PowerBalance

PowerBalance is Philips’ most energy-efficient office specification compliant LED luminaire. It more than halves energy costs compared to a high efficiency T5 solution, and the LED system has a longer lifetime. This results in significantly lower operational costs, ensuring a payback that meets the needs of the specification market.

Best in Classvisual Comfort 

Smart pyramid optics – UGR<19

The luminaire offers low direct glare which results in enhanced visual comfort.

Low indirect glare

The luminaire provides luminance below the angle of 65o, thereby reducing indirect glare in an office environment.

High color rendering

With CRI >80, the luminaire renders color naturally and makes people comfortable.

Key Features
  • Highly efficient, efficacy >90 lm/W
  • Compact look and feel
  • Premium material and finish
Philips PowerBalance Specifications

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