Philips GreenLedi Light

Philips Green LED
Philips GreenLEDi

GreenLEDi range is a break through offering which combines modern product design, the latest LED technology and reliable heat management to deliver a long lasting efficient solution. Offering substantial energy savings compared to CFL/halogen, good light quality, complete stylistic freedom and significant maintenance savings, the product is an ideal value for money and replacement for conventional CFL options.

Efficient & Quality Lighting

Compact Integral design

With integrated driver, this luminaire is easy to install.

High Savings

This luminaire offers 50%* savings over CFLs.

Highly Efficient

GreenLEDi comes with advanced optics for glare free lighting.

Key Features
    • Long life of 30000* hours
    • No maintenance
    • Eco friendly 
    • Reception
    • Conference Room
    • Retail Stores 
Philips Green LED Specifications

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