Philips SmartBright Waterproof G3 WT068

WT068C CW LED36 L1200 PSU
12 NCProduct Description
911401881380WT068C CW LED18 L600 PSU
911401881680WT068C NW LED18 L600 PSU
911401881980WT068C CW LED18 L600 PSU TW1
911401882280WT068C NW LED18 L600 PSU TW1
911401881480WT068C CW LED36 L1200 PSU
911401881780WT068C NW LED36 L1200 PSU
911401882080WT068C CW LED36 L1200 PSU TW1
911401882380WT068C NW LED36 L1200 PSU TW1
 911401881580WT068C CW LED56 L1500 PSU
 911401881880WT068C NW LED56 L1500 PSU
 911401882180WT068C CW LED56 L1500 PSU TW1
 911401882480WT068C NW LED56 L1500 PSU TW1

Product family information

Philips Smartbright Waterproof G3 batten offers exceptional value. It is perfect for everyday lighting installations. Available in three standard sizes, it has the option of standard and through-wiring versions.


Lifetime: 30,000 hrs @ L70B50, 3-year warrantyIP66, IK06Quick connector for easy installation


2 colour temperatures, 3 sizes and standard and through-wiring versionIP66/IK06 – Water and dustproof. For all weatherReliable with a long service life of 30,000 hours L703-year warrantyQuick connector for easy installation


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