SmatBright LED Flood G2 Karachi

Smartbright BVP176

Pakistan CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, 30w, 50w, 70w, 100w, 150w, 200w, lifetime: 30K hrs (L70B50)• temp. range: -40 °C ~ +45 °C 95 lm/w

Product family information

The SmartBright LED Floodlight is a versatile floodlight engineered to deliver significant energy savings, an ideal solution for diverse floodlighting applications. The product is also designed to meet relevant performance and safety standards, offering you reliable and long-lasting performance.


Conventional HID floodlight replacementEasy to installOutstanding energy savingsHigh quality and reliability


Multiple CCT option: 3,000 K/4,000 K/5,700 KMultiple power option: 30 w/50 w/70 w/100w /150 w/200 wLong lifetime: 30 Khrs (L70B50)Wide working temp. range: -40 °C ~ +45 °CHigh system efficacy: up to 95 lm/w


Architectural lightingLandscape lightingBillboard lightingParking area lightingAmenitySecurityDownloadsLeaflets


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