Philips Projector ST031T Track Light

SmartBright Projector ST031T

12 NCProduct Description
911401874480ST031T LED30/830 33W 220-240V I MB BK GM
911401873480ST031T LED30/830 33W 220-240V I MB WH GM
911401874580ST031T LED30/840 33W 220-240V I MB BK GM
911401873580ST031T LED30/840 33W 220-240V I MB WH GM

Product family information

SmartBright ST031T is a new design projector with nice look and feel and reliable quality, bringing an excellent user experience to end users.


Nice look and feelBrighter and more reliable quality


CRI80Integrated design2,000 lm, 3,000 lm21 W, 33 W15°,36°30 khrs (L70B50@25 °C)1C (3 wires)


Shops, Residential, Studios, Hotels

Warning & Safety

The luminaire should be installed by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEC-60364-7-714 regulations.Do not switch on the luminaire before installation is fully completed.Before using, and when the luminaire is switched on, earthing is required.The luminaire should be replaced immediately if any crack or deterioration occurs.The light source of this luminaire is not replaceable; when the light source reaches its end-of-life the whole luminaire must be replaced.A corrosive atmosphere, or hazardous materials, such as sulphur, chlorine, phthalates, etc., must be avoided during use and storage.DownloadsLeaflets


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