Philips Essential SmartBright Slim LED Batten BN068C

Essential Smartbright LED Batten

Essential Smartbright LED Batten BN068C

20,000 hrs life, L70 1 Year warranty 4 lengths, 3 colors Increased number of options for easy application • CRI 80, SDCM < 7, 80lm/W

12 NCProduct Description
911401591201ZCH086 C-2 ( Power Cable )
911401591301ZCH086 CCPA ( Link Cable )
911401818497BN068C LED3/CW L300 G2
911401818597BN068C LED3/NW L300 G2
911401818697BN068C LED3/WW L300 G2
911401818997BN068C LED6/WW L600 G2
911401818797BN068C LED6/CW L600 G2
911401818897BN068C LED6/NW L600 G2
911401820297BN068C LED3/CW L300 TH G2
911401820397BN068C LED3/NW L300 TH G2
911401820497BN068C LED3/WW L300 TH G2
911401819097BN068C LED9/CW L900 G2
911401819197BN068C LED9/NW L900 G2
911401819297BN068C LED9/WW L900
911401820597BN068C LED6/CW L600 TH G2
911401820697BN068C LED6/NW L600 TH G2
911401820797BN068C LED6/WW L600 TH G2
911401819597BN068C LED12/WW L1200 G2
911401819397BN068C LED12/CW L1200 G2
911401819497BN068C LED12/NW L1200 G2
911401820897BN068C LED9/CW L900 TH G2
911401820997BN068C LED9/NW L900 TH G2
911401821097BN068C LED9/WW L900 TH G2
911401821297BN068C LED12/NW L1200 TH G2
911401821197BN068C LED12/CW L1200 TH G2
911401821397BN068C LED12/WW L1200 TH G2

Whether for a new building or renovation of an existing space, customers want lighting solutions that provide quality of light and substantial energy and maintenance savings. This new batten range of LED products can be used to replace traditional battens with fluorescent lamps. The process of selecting, installing and maintaining is so easy – it’s a simple switch


Slim and trunkable, integrated designTo replace T5 Essential Batten TCH086/084Polycarbonate housing with one pc extrusion processSemi-transparent endcap eliminates the black spot entirely in trunkingDifferent type can mix and match, flexible in a long lengthSockets and accessories compatible with BN066C & TCH086 EV


One piece PC extrusion housing, Single piece integral design for better aestheticsTransparent end cap, Enables continuous light line without black spots up to 10pcsCRI 80, SDCM < 7, 80lm/W, Superior light quality combined with good energy savingsSlim profile, Ideal for task lighting / cove lighting applicationsSlim and narrow end cap, Fits the cove or shelf more easilyUniform Light, Optimal optical design to ensure no spottinessL70 20k hours, Reliable long lasting solution4 lengths, 3 colors, Increased number of options for easy application


Indirect lighting: Shelf, cove, back light box, ambientDirect lighting: Convenient store, Long distance linear lighting

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