Philips Essential Smartbright Wide Batten BN005C

Essential Smartbright Wide Batten BN005C

12 NCProduct Description
911401826881BN005C LED15/CW L600 PSU GC
911401827481BN005C LED15/CW L600 PSU GM
911401826781BN005C LED15/NW L600 PSU GC
911401827381BN005C LED15/NW L600 PSU GM
911401826981BN005C LED15/WW L600 PSU GC
911401827581BN005C LED15/WW L600 PSU GM
911401826581BN005C LED30/CW L1200 PSU GC
911401827181BN005C LED30/CW L1200 PSU GM
911401826481BN005C LED30/NW L1200 PSU GC
911401827081BN005C LED30/NW L1200 PSU GM
911401826681BN005C LED30/WW L1200 PSU GC
911401827281BN005C LED30/WW L1200 PSU GM

Product family information

Philips Essential smartbright wide batten offers exceptional value. It is Perfect for your everyday lighting installations. Available in 2 standard sizes, it has option of 3 CCTs to suit different requirements.


20K Hrs life @L70B50 @ta25, 2 Years warranty 100 Lm/Watt efficacy CCC/CB/CE Certified


20K Hrs life @L70B50 @ta25, 2 Years warranty 2 power output, 3 CCT Option to suit different need 100 Lm/WattCRI 80


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