Philips GreenPerform Panel RC160V

GreenPerform Panel

GreenPerform Panel is the slimmest Panel with highest efficacy in the market. It offers two lumen options with four dimension types, 200X1200, 300X1200, 600×600,600×1200, and three mounting options, recessed, suspended and plaster ceiling.

  12 NC  Material Description
911401724272RC091Z SMB-597×597
911401728372RC160Z SMB-603×603
911401728342RC091Z SMB-603×603
911401728362RC160Z SMB-297×1197
911401724282RC091Z SMB-297×1197
911401719482RC160V LED30S 840 W60L60 PSU
911401719492RC160V LED30S 865 W60L60 PSU
911401719502RC160V LED40S 840 W60L60 PSU
911401719512RC160V LED40S 865 W60L60 PSU
911401719552RC160V LED40S 840 W60L60 CPC
911401719542RC160V LED40S 840 W60L60 PCV
911401719522RC160V LED40S 840 W30L120 PSU
911401726862RC160V LED40S 840 W60L60 PSU OC IP44
911401719472RC160V LED20S 840 W20L120 PSU
911401726842RC160V LED29S 840 W60L60 PSU UGR16
911401726922SP160P LED40S 840 W60L60 PSU
911401726872RC160V LED20S 840 W20L120 PSU OC IP44
911401726902SP160P LED40S 840 W60L60 PSU SI
911401726852RC160V LED29S 840 W30L120 PSU UGR16
911401726932SP160P LED20S 840 W20L120 PSU
911401726962SP160P LED20S 840 W20L120 PSU CD
911401726882RC160V LED40S 840 W30L120 PSU OC IP44
911401720802RC160V LED40S 840 W60L60 PSD
911401720812RC160V LED40S 865 W60L60 PSD
911401728612RC160X LED40S 840 W60L60 IAP
911401726972SP160P LED20S 840 W20L120 PSU CI
911401728602RC160X LED40S 840 W60L60 IAP OC IP44
911401726912SP160P LED40S 840 W30L120 PSU SI
911401719532RC160V LED60S 840 W60L120 PSU
911401726892RC160V LED60S 840 W60L120 PSU OC IP44
911401726952SP160P LED60S 840 W60L120 PSU


Energy savingEasy handling and installationCovers most types of ceilings with different size of 200X1200, 300X1200, 600X600 and 600X1200Good light qualityReliable performanceEasy maintenances and installationOffice compliant and visual comfortableness


Thickness as thin as 8.3mmDifferent installation methods, (T-bar, plater ceiling, CPC and suspended).CRI > 80, SDCM<4, Flicker free Lifetime L80 50,000hoursReplaceable driver with plug inUGR16,UGR19 versions available


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