Philips Pureline Continuous slim suspended linear office Luminire

Philips Pureline Continuous slim suspended linear office Luminire
Philips PureLine
The PureLine family of luminaires gives you compromise-free office illumination. It offers both general and office area lighting in identical enclosures. The range brings together high-flux lighting with a homogeneous optical system without making any concessions on energy efficiency design.
Office luminaire that does it all

One look, many applications

These stylish luminaires give you all the benefits of LED lighting in an enclosure that lets you apply the same luminaire format in cell offices, open plan offices, meeting rooms and the reception area

Designed to perform


With its long product lifetime and a good energy-to-light ratio of up to >100 lm/W, the range is a good choice for long- term savings. And with a light output that ranges from 3400 lm to 7800 lm, you can always find the best configuration for all the areas in your building.

A recipe for success


PureLine is the future-proof luminaire that does it all. And to easily get more control of the light, PureLine offers luminaires with built-in ActiLume sensors. This lets you optimize visual comfort, enable daylight harvesting, detect motion in a room and maximize energy savings.

Key Features
  • Wide-spread lighting distribution
  • Efficacy up to 108 lm/W
  • Available in 4 ft and 8 ft modules
Pureline Technical Specifications
Pureline Dimensional Drawing

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