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3M Flexible Substrates

13M Panagraphic II (54″,65″,80″ /60m)Premium substrate
23M Panagraphic III (54”,80″,88″,8.5′,10.5’/50m)Intermediate
33M PANA IV (40”,52”,10.5′) (Special Price)Intermediate
43M Envision FS-1 (4.2m X 50m)Fluorescent Lighting Apllication

3M Translucent Series

53M 3630 Series (48″ x 50yds)Scotchcal 3630 premium translucent series
63M 3630-H-5028 (48″ x 50yds)Attock Petroleum custom color
73M IJ 3630-20 (48″ x 50yds)Printable backlit vinyl
83M VT 107 SERIES (48″ x 50yds)SCB custom color
93M VT 4268 (48” x 50yds)SCB custom color
103M VT 10760 (48″ x 50yds)DHL custom color
113M VT 1986 (48″ x 50yds)PSO custom color
123M 2330 SERIES (48″ x 50m)(Special Price)intermediate translucent series

3M Blockout Series

133M 3635-20B (48″ x 50yds)White blockout
143M 3635-22B (48″ x 50yds)Black blockout

3M Self Adhesive printable vinyls

153M IJ 180-10 (54″ x 50yds)Fleet graphics/long term application
163M IJ180mC-114 CLEAR 54” X 50m (New)Premium Clear Adhesive Film/Long Term
173M IJ 40 SERIES (54″ x 50m)Intermediate Vinyl
183M 48C-20 PRINT FILM SF 54” X 50m (New)Envision Print Film
193M IJ 37-10 (54″ x 50m)Intermediate Vinyl
203M IJ 35-10 (54″ x 50yds)Intermediate Vinyl

3M Overlaminate – Grpahic Protection

213M 3640-114 (48″ x 50yds)Anti Fuel/graffiti lamination
223M 8519 CP (54″ x 50yds)Long term lamination – Gloss/luster
233M 8520 Matt Lamination (54″ x 50yds)Long term lamination – Matte
243M 3645 (54″ x 50yds)Floor Graphics Laminate

3M One way vision film

253M IJ 8171 (54″ x 25yds)Premium OWVF
263M IJ 1229 (54″ x 50m)Intermediate OWVF

3M Specialty Films

273M IJ 8624 texture wall (54″ x 50yds)Textured wall vinyl
283M IJ 680-10 White Reflector (48”x 50yds)Printable Reflective vinyl
293M 3635-100 (48″ x 50yds)Light enhancment film

3M Frosted Films

303M 7725 -323/324/326/327/331 (48″ x 50yds)Crystal films (blue,brown,pink,green,white)
313M 7725-314 (48″ x 50yds)Dusted frosted film

3M Accessories

323M 3M Application Tape SCPM (48″ x 100yds)Application tape
333M Vutek Inks 1500 Series (3.25LTR)Solvent inks
343M CGS 15 (3.78LTR)Flushing solution
353M Applicator (Squzee)For Pasting solution
363M Edge sealerSealing Glue

3M Tapes

373M Dual Lock ClearIndustrial Tape
383M VHB GPH-110GF 19mm x 33m,14 in a caseIndustrial Tape
393M VHB 4910 19mm x 33m, 4 in a caseIndustrial Tape
403M 4008 (3/4 X 7YDS )Foam Tape
413M 4016 YAB PN6453 1/2 X 36YDSFoam Tape
423M MP3526N/27N BLACK 1 X 5YDHook/Loop
433M 9088 HPDC PET kraft 19mm x 50mDouble Coated Tape
443M 9737 Clear, 24 mm x 55 m, 48/caseDouble Coated Tape

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