Philips Flood Light BVP150

The Essential SmartBright G3 LED floodlight comes with a compact and sturdy design. Its light weight with robust die-cast aluminum housing and corrosion-proof coating is suitable for general outdoor use. More efficient than the last generation, achieves more energy-savings.

Essential SmartBright Flood BVP150 Series

12 NCProduct Description
911401732372BVP150 LED17/CW 220-240V 20W SWB CE
911401732362BVP150 LED17/NW 220-240V 20W SWB CE
911401732352BVP150 LED17/WW 220-240V 20W SWB CE
911401732402BVP150 LED25/CW 220-240V 30W SWB CE
911401732392BVP150 LED25/NW 220-240V 30W SWB CE
911401732382BVP150 LED25/WW 220-240V 30W SWB CE
911401732432BVP150 LED42/CW 220-240V 50W SWB CE
911401732422BVP150 LED42/NW 220-240V 50W SWB CE
911401732412BVP150 LED42/WW 220-240V 50W SWB CE
911401732462BVP150 LED59/CW 220-240V 70W SWB CE
911401732452BVP150 LED59/NW 220-240V 70W SWB CE
911401732442BVP150 LED59/WW 220-240V 70W SWB CE
911401732342BVP150 LED8/CW 220-240V 10W SWB CE
911401732332BVP150 LED8/NW 220-240V 10W SWB CE
911401732322BVP150 LED8/WW 220-240V 10W SWB CE

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