3M™ Nomad Scrapper Matting 7150 4ft x 40ft Heavy Duty

3M Commercial Grade 14mm Floor Mats 7150 – Lord Tapes
3M™ Nomad™ Scrapper Matting 7150

Product Specification:

3M™ Nomad™ Terra Heavy Traffic Entrance Matting 7150 is suitable for Heavy Traffic volumes. Use this backed vinyl matting for indoor applications. Resilient vinyl loop construction traps, holds and hides dirt and sand so surfaces stay neat and clean. Foam backing reduces creeping and provides added foot comfort. Available in a wide range of colors with an attractive mat finish.

• First step mat for efficient dirt removal, suitable for heavy 
   traffic volumes

• Collects dirt and prevents it from being tracked into the 

• Holds and hides dirt and sand, so the surface stays neat and 

• Foam backing reduces creeping and together with the coils 
   provides added foot comfort

• Easy installation

• The integral vinyl foam backing of the mat, together with the 
   coils, provide a cushioning effect

Product Specification

Brand3M Nomad
Size4 ft x 40 ft.
Wash CareVacuum, Clean
Packaging TypeSingle

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