Rejection for Invalid Image?

To keep a high quality of content on the platform, MSS does not allow ads with bad images to be posted. If an ad is posted with a bad/invalid image it gets removed from the website. Please continue reading to understand our policy.

Below are the reasons we mark ads for bad or invalid image

  • Google Stock Image
  • Image containing another Website Watermark or Logo
  • Human images
  • Business Cards and Custom images to promote Business
  • Unethical or Obscene images (Nudity, Religious Blasphemy, Abusive Language image etc.)

Always Remember Ads with Clear, Good & Relevant pictures sell 5X Times faster!

What to do if your Ad gets rejected?

Please edit your Ad and upload a good quality image which complies with our policy and also to increase your chances of Selling!

For further assistance, you may call our helpline 0333-289-0101

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