LED LUMINEON Light Warm White – IP67


can be cut every 1″ (Inch) (Driver not included)

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The Ultimate Neon Led Light available in Town




  • Color options: Single color temperature.
  • Design: Superior design with exquisite craftsmanship ensure stable and reliable performance.
  • Flexibility: Top bending, min. bend diameter 30mm[1.18inch].
  • IP grade: Silicone extrusion. Glue process end caps, IP67 protection.
  • Warranty: 1 year indoor, 1 year outdoor.
  • Customization: multiple spec options, can be customized upon


  • Each roll(5m) of this product is loaded with a reel, and the reel is packed in an aluminum foil bag, and finally in an outer box.
  • For other customized length packaging, please ask our sales rep.
  • The above-mentioned packaging quantity and weight are only for the illustrated packaging method. For other packaging methods, the packaging quantity and weight will be different. The actual weight is subject to the actual product.





  • After cutting, the IP protection of both glue processed and injection moulded product will drop to IP65, for injection moulded product, if customer self-processed injection moulded end cap for the cutted end, the IP protection will keep the IP67 level.
  • Injection moulded end cap self-processing, need to prepare corresponding mold and molding equipment.
  • If the customer reprocesses Luminoen injection moulded end cap, and the waterproof of the molded end does not meet Lumineon standard, the potential trouble covered by the warranty.


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