Hyundai LED COB Spot Light 6W (HL3CB6N)

1. Hyundai Down lights are a revolution to lighting technology.
2. Spreads light with a clear and focused beam of light enhancing the
beauty of surrounding.
3. It has a compact well-designed structure, well suited for home & office
4. Solid state, instant start LED energy saving technology.
5. Hyundai Technology makes the light last more than 25,000
hours & offers up to 88% energy saving.
6. Hyundai Offers eco-friendly, mercury free, lead free LED
lighting products.
7. It emits very low heat thereby reducing the air-conditioning cost.
8. We offer 12 months warranty.

Cool White (6500K)
Natural Daylight (4000K)
Warm White (3000K)
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