Ad rejection because of invalid price?

MSS Invalid Price Policy

To ensure a great experience for both Buyers & Sellers on MSS, we only allow Ads that have a realistic / reasonable price for the item being sold. Putting a good price for your item helps the buyer to discover your item and contact you to make a deal.

So, let us explain what a good price means:

How to decide on a price?

Before you post your Ad, you can check the price of a similar item or service from MSS or Friends / Family or the current market rate. Doing this will help you decide on a price for your item.

What is an unrealistic price?

What we mean by unrealistic price is either the price for Item/ Service being sold is too high or too low. For example, a Car being sold cannot have a price less than PKR 70,000 or a Smartphone being sold for PKR 700

What to do if your Ad is rejected due to invalid Price:

Once you have checked the price of similar items, please edit your ad & put in a more realistic price. This will ensure that your Ad is approved and goes live, and you are able to sell with ease. You have 7 days to edit your ad.

For further assistance, you may call our helpline 0333-289-0101

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