Philips EcoAccent Tracklilght

Philips EcoAccent Tracklight
Philips EcoAccent Tracklight

EcoAccent delivers powerful, good-quality accent lighting, enabling retailers to display their goods in the very best light. The track mounted EcoAccent is available in a choice of black and white finishes. The combination of efficient LED technology and a robust heat sink ensures that this is a reliable and long lasting solution.

Enhancing retail experience

Excellent optical design

EcoAccent delivers light with better beam control & edge uniformity which ensures that the important features of the merchandise is highlighted and it creates a long lasting impact on the customer.

Higher visual comfort

High color rendering index of the luminaire ensures superiors visual comfort

Wide range of beam angles

Wide range of beam angles, 120,240 and 360, enables greater flexibility to design.

Key Features
    • >30% savings as compared to CDM solutions
    • Excellent thermal management system
    • Long life of 40,000* hours
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Stores
    • Corridor 

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