Philips GreenLED Ultima Led Light

Philips GreenLED Ultima
Philips GreenLED Ultima

Green LED Ultima is a slim downlighter with high lumen efficacy of 100 lm/W. It displays true colors with its high color rendering index of 80 and has a long life of 40000 hours.

Performance in slim design

Slim aesthetic design

Ultima adds aesthetics to the space with its slim lip design.

Ultimate performance

High efficiency of 100 lm/w leading to best in class savings over conventional CFL downlight.

Display true color

Powered with DuraMAX technology, Ultima gives durable brightness enriching true color of merchandise.

Key Features
    • Long life of 40000* hours
    • High quality light
    • Eco Friendly
    • Open Office
    • Private Office
    • Corridor 
    • Breakout Area
Philips GreenLED Ultima Specifications

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